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Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2008

What is Hydrogen Booster?

The first Hydrogen Booster was invented in 1918. Go read the history behind it all first. Many people don't buy the idea that a hydrogen booster will do anything. If they were so great the car manufactures would be making them already. Well, not yet. In 2008 we will start to see the emerging technology. Also know that there are 240 US and International patents on fuel injection systems that get 150-250 mpg! and ZERO are being made today. So why would you think that they will not allow hydrogen boosters to be manufactured? They allow them in Canada. In China they have about 4,000 engineers researching Brown's Gas Generators, they sell for about $300 US dollars in Taiwan and China. They are not allowed to be imported into the US. We cannot switch to water as a fuel overnight, it has to
be a gradual change.
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